• Aija Parlagreko

How it all started

In 2005 I was offered a life time opportunity to move to Nepal..yes i know...where is that? That was my first question. I have heard of mount Everest, that was about all i knew. My ignorance didn't make it less exiting, in 5 minutes decision was made, I left fabulous job in Bank, and started to pack. Oooo, I was in for a surprise..:)) My first impression - no way I will survive. It was so different from slow and small Latvia where I come from. Streets were so full of people selling things, vehicles driving all possible direction...and everybody so happy and full of energy. It took me a while to settle...but once I did, there was no going back. It became my home. I love Nepal and hope I can live here forever. Here I met young entrepreneur Mohindra who was trying to bring Himalayan churpi - hard Nepali cheese snack to the world as a dog treat. Due to strict regulations it was not allowed in EU even was already very popular in USA. I still remember that moment - i decided, I will open my own factory in Latvia to supply for EU and Australia. I traveled to Latvia, met like minded people - my partners Liga and Ramis and never never looked back. First year was supper hard. There was so much to learn. Dog chews are very fragiule and demanding product. We had our ups and downs, loyal clients who stood by our side, fabulous friend and family support what made it all possible. Soon Himalayan International will celebrate its 2 years of existence. Our product is available in UK, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Latvia, Poland and now - Australia and New Zealand. And we are just starting:)

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